Wednesday, 30 July 2014

From start to finish with Boadicea the Victorious

It has already been an exciting journey working with one of the UK's most exclusive perfume companies, Boadicea The Victorious, and we were privileged to be involved in their latest launch at Harrods. 

The Boadicea range of perfumes are highly sought after and sell all around the world. We were first approached when the company wanted to use video to promote their range of perfumes. From designing a style for the videos to advising on the best possible way to use them online we were able to offer a full package for them.

The intricate and beautiful bottles were shot in a studio against a black backdrop on a turntable. This created controlled, smooth motion which, combined with some intricate macro filming, created a polished feel to the videos.

When we discussed the launch of the latest perfume Legend we wanted to emphasise the exclusivity of the range and the hand crafted work that goes into producing each element from the bottles and their unique pewter badges to the design of the fragrances.

The film highlights in particular the fantastic work of the perfumer in the Cotswolds and the team at A E Williams who are responsible for creating the pewter elements.They are one of the worlds' oldest companies and proud to show off their skills.

The final element of the Boadicea process was to show off the sales counter within Harrods. Inside the perfume hall at Harrods was a perfect location to showcase the finished Boadicea product to its full potential.

Items like perfume are a luxury and often a brand is selling a feeling or lifestyle as much as they are selling a scent.  The team at Boadicea wanted a big statement to begin the launch and so we produced a mood video for the brand. This short one minute video was designed to evoke an emotion and set the scene for the perfumes.  We brainstormed a storyboard of images that we felt reflected the brand.  Working with the team at Boadicea we finalised our choices and set out into some great forest locations armed with spears, cloaks and a smoke machine! The music was one of the most important elements here and of course we played it very loud for the audience.

Boadicea now have many different edits which they can use in many different ways for both live audiences, intimate one-to-one discussions and as an online showcase. 

Within this project we used several unique skills and techniques to deliver a polished final film
  • We used a lot of motion within the shots, keeping the camera moving. We also shot on very high frame rates so that we could slow the footage down in the edit.
  • Stylised camera movements were used but also work was done to reflect the lighter, brighter atmosphere of the different locations.
  • During the Harrods shoot we brought in our mini jib to create sweeping shots which celebrate the look of the environment.
If you would like to chat with us about any ideas you have for your product or service we will be more than happy to explore with you the power of video.