Friday, 24 July 2015


Well designed and thought out graphics can lift any video from a basic information tool to a 
dynamic and interesting programme. We use graphics in our videos in many different ways, from animated company logos to detailed data flow graphics.

So, how should you use graphics effectively?

Grab the audience from the start. An animated company logo with music makes an important statement at the start of your video. It grabs your viewer’s attention and sets the tone for the rest of the programme. We can incorporate all of your brand guidelines within the graphic and even supply it to you as separate file for use in your own powerpoint and multimedia presentations.


Say it with pictures. A clear, concise graphic is a very quick way to impart lots of information. It could take an interviewee almost twice as long to verbally explain the same information. A video can be paused while the viewer looks over your graphic, but an interview must be replayed again and again to re-listen.

Be bold. Graphics can powerfully convey an emotion or personality. We have created bespoke cartoon animations that have been used at the forefront of our client’s marketing campaigns. These have worked alongside a printed campaign.

Don’t forget the audio. Many of our clients are amazed when they see their graphics for the first time and a lot of the impact comes from the correct use of sound. A successfull graphic will grab your attention.


Cost-effective. State of the art graphics can lift the production values of any video but won’t take up your whole budget.

Content can change. We archive the whole process of making our graphics so that you can update any information at a later date if statistics, content or branding changes. This means your video will have a longer shelf-life whilst reflecting your latest message.

If you would like to talk through your ideas for a video please contact us and we would love to share some thoughts with you.